Fees and Costs



  • ADR Services for Civil Cases: Hourly rate of $275.
  • ADR Services for Domestic Relations Cases: Hourly rate $275.
  • Fees include review of required documents before ADR Services are rendered and preparation of required documents at the conclusion of ADR Services.



  • Travel time:  For services to be rendered within St. Joseph County: no charge;  For services to be rendered in counties immediately surrounding St. Joseph County: $150 flat rate round trip;  For services to be rendered in any other counties outside St. Joseph County: Hourly rate $100.
  • Cases requiring travel by air transportation will include a charge for the cost of tickets, lodging, meals, car rental, if needed, and related expenses.
  • No filing or administrative fees charged.
  • Courtroom quality recording equipment, microphones and flash cards are provided at no charge for all Private Judging, Arbitration, Mini-Trials and Summary Jury Trials as well as secure storage of flash card(s) and when appropriate filing of flash cards with the Court.