Scheduling Services


Using the Scheduling Calendar

Only one mediation session is scheduled per day.  Although your booking reflects a four-hour time block, the parties are only charged for the actual length of their mediation session, whether more or less than four hours. 


Reserve a date by selecting a date circled in red and start time on the Scheduling Calendar.

Fill out the information requested and click “book appointment “.  You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment.

Thereafter send an email to or call 574-532-6875 and provide the following information: 

- the date(s) selected; starting time; the ADR Service requested, i.e. mediation, arbitration, etc. 

- full case name and case number

- names of all participating attorneys, their email addresses, and preferred location for services to be rendered.


I will promptly respond by emailing detailed confirmation letters and set up a phone conference with the attorneys, if requested.

To check on last minute availability due to cancellations or continuances call 574-532-6875 or send email to

Locations or Zoom Video Conferencing

Services can be rendered at the offices of anyone of the attorneys for any party or at any neutral location agreed upon by all the attorneys for the parties or by Zoom Video Conferencing.


Documents required for ADR Services can be e-mailed to:
or delivered to: 

Scopelitis ADR Services 
2238 Portage Avenue 
South Bend, Indiana 46616  

Domestic Relations Matters Involving Children:

Please have your clients log on to to perform the exercises on this personalized and interactive website before participating in any ADR Services.  If you are not familiar with this effective resource for improving outcomes for families in divorce and other difficult transitions, please take a few minutes to examine this website for yourself.  The website, created by a family charity, is available to professionals and parents without any cost and no one has any financial or personal interest in its use.